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Palmyra Massage & Bodywork is a professional business, focusing on therapeutic massage and bodywork. Each massage is catered to the client’s individual needs for relaxation, stress management, rehabilitation, etc. Because of this, we tend to attract a broad client base. Some clients come in for basic relaxation, some come to remove tension from day-to-day stresses or aches and pains caused by sitting at a computer or in a car for extended periods. Some clients are training for or recovering from sports events, and others are looking for help with an injury, a structural limitation or chronic pain. Whatever your reason for getting a massage or therapeutic bodywork, the techniques used will be adjusted to resolve the issues in the most effective manner! I'm happy to work with you to determine the best method and get you started on the road to relaxation and/or recovery! 


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PLEASE NOTE:  I only do professional, therapeutic massage. All clients will remain appropriately draped throughout the entire session, maintaining privacy and modesty. (Body Reading/Postural Analysis for Structural Energetic Therapy® may be an exception to the draping rules, but all personal areas will be covered at all times during this process by either bathing suits or other suitable under-garments.) All clients will be expected to sign a statement accepting these terms prior to treatment. There are NO exceptions. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may be reported to the local authorities.

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