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Emotional Energy Release Therapy

Why Emotional Energy Release Therapy (EERT)? . . . to feel better, by releasing the stress of 'stuck' emotional energy and reducing the resulting physical somatic symptoms.

What is Emotional Energy Release Therapy? Much of the emotional pain that sends people to counseling or medical doctors looking for relief, is stored in the body as stuck energy, and can be the cause of many physical conditions. Typically it's not considered 'okay' in our culture to freely express emotions, or we are often shamed and abandoned if we do. This creates a kind of "constipated emotional pressure cooker".

Emotional Energy can be stored for years and becomes stuck behind chronically tightened muscles. This not only blocks the expression of fear, anger and sadness, (leaving this emotional energy jammed within our bodies), but also restricts the expression of desirable emotions, like love and happiness. Painful issues from years past are not able to be resolved because the awareness and flexibility needed to release this energy is blocked by the tightened musculature.

EERT promotes the release of this blocked emotional energy in a safe setting. The tightened musculature can then soften, and emotional energy that has been buried in the tissues, can release. This release allows the old painful emotional patterns to disappear and many physical conditions can then heal.

The following is a list of some of (or the types of) conditions which have responded extremely well to EERT. 

Grief, Depression, Bipolar problems, Separation issues, Anxiety, Fear, Stress, Panic disorders, Somatic disorders, Co-dependence issues, Post-traumatic stress issues and Abuse issues, headaches, digestion problems, genito-urinary conditions, chronic pain throughout the body and pain caused by accidents and injuries.

What happens in EERT?  The therapist provides a safe, supportive place for the client to express the emotional energy. Sometimes emotions such as sadness, rage or fear, are overwhelming. Childhood taboos restrict emotional expression.  Some clients may fear that once they start to release emotions, they won't be able to stop. The fact is, most people are in too much control and thus, will only release as much as they can handle at one time.

The process begins with deep, rhythmic breathing to build a charge of energy in the client's body. This charge will build behind the stuck emotional energy, allowing it to mobilize out from behind the chronically tightened musculature, and be expressed. The safe setting provided by the therapist supports the client's release of this emotional energy. After the discharge of emotional energy, the client usually experiences a deep relaxation as the body integrates the changes. 

Many people, if not most, have experienced something in their lives that caused deep emotional scarring. Some know what those events were, while others were so traumatized by them, that they swept them under the carpet of their minds, hopefully forgotten forever. What they often don't realize is that they are still there hiding and causing pain. Some weren't hugged or loved like they wanted to be, others weren't allowed to cry, or stomp their feet when angry, some were emotionally or physically abused, others experienced a loss of some kind and were not able to express their emotions or grieve. Most have no idea what the specific emotional event(s) or situation(s) was that was causing the emotional block, but once released, they feel a sense of calmness.  Nothing can take away an event that has happened in our lives, but EERT can take away the charge or "fizz" that creates the angst we feel about it, allowing us to move forward to a happier place in life!

Results from EERT

Clients who experience anxiety attacks and hyperventilation will, after just a few sessions, no longer experience them.

Often chronic diseases will respond well to EERT sessions because the body tends to be more resilient and functioning at a higher level, when the stuck emotional energy is released from the tissues.

Physical conditions causing dysfunction within the body, will show significant improvement when the emotional energy that was restricting the area of dysfunction has been released. This includes, but is not limited to, digestion, headaches, genito-urinary conditions, chronic pain, breathing and glandular conditions.

Emotional energy from the emotional trauma associated with accidents and injuries is often held in the tissues and creates pain in the body. EERT can effectively release the pain and anxiety around the traumatic occurrence, which will allow the body to heal more quickly and efficiently from the injuries.

Clients who are in psychotherapy or counseling will start having significant gains in their therapy sessions when the energy around these stuck emotions is released. They are able to finally resolve their issues because the phychotherapist or counselor is now able to help them through the process more effectively.

Once stuck emotional energy is released, most people are capable of solving their own problems. However, for those clients who are struggling with issues that are beyond the scope of practice for massage/SET therapists, combining EERT with psychotherapy and counseling is a win-win situation. Often issues that previously could not be faced or resolved will be released and settled with this combination. 

You really can feel better!! Many lives have gone through miraculous changes with EERT!


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